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Alexander Gehrlein
Germany D-66280 Sulzbach

Hello folks!
My name is Alexander and I'm presenting you JustMinerals.com.
At the moment I am working for a major German company in Monterrey/Mexico, so that I am not able to head mineral shows in Europe nor collecting at my usually frequented sites. Right now my collection and my stock are still in Germany, but don't worry. Everything you order at this site will be handled fast and professional so it arrives to you very soon. As I don't have that much time right now for collecting by my own, I have planned in the near future to serve you some Mexican minerals on my site. I've visited some smaller locations here in Nuevo Leon but I am still missing the famous sites.

This about my actual background and now I tell you how I came to the mineral dealing.
Concerning the dealing part I have to say that I started with swapping on mineral shows but quite soon I figured out that not every dealer liked to swap the specimen that I had focused on. Usually they were just dealers and not collectors. The only thing they were interested in was money. As I was a student at a German Gymnasium (comparable to a High School), I had the minerals but not the money. Later on university this state didn't change much. So, my problem was: how to change my mineral into money in order to buy something new for my collection. That's why I started selling minerals. First, I started selling specimens on EBay, and then I started learning the html code and created an internet site that just existed on my hard disk. It was about old mines and minerals of the Black Forest/Germany. Perhaps, one day, I'm going to put all that online, but to be honest, I don't really think so. Fine, I knew now the code, I had a lot of minerals that didn't suit to my collection anymore and I had a lot of free time in the evenings. So I started to program the JustMinerals site. The version of JustMinerals you're seeing right now is version 3.0. That's because I was never really happy with the work I had done so far, and always had things to improve (code, design, everything - if you think I should improve/change anything, please tell me). After almost half a year of trying out, changing, trying out and changing again, I finished in going online with my site in February 2003.
I founded this site with the aim to bring you fine European specimens. Those are usually hard to get because by now almost all mines that produced really good specimens are closed. The only thing you can do for obtaining good specimens is prospecting the old mines and old collections. As today's mineral market is full of specimens from China, Peru, Morocco and whatsoever, this site is especially dedicated to European minerals.
The minerals, you'll find here come generally from my own collection or they have been collected by myself. Over and above that, I'm attending the bigger mineral shows, such as Sainte Marie-aux-Mines and Stuttgart, as well as many other smaller regional shows. That's the way I get my specimens from Romania (which is one focus of my collection) and sometimes you can find between all this esoteric crap real old European classics. They are rare, not really cheap, but I love them and that's why I collect them. So, if you've fallen in love with European minerals and you're searching something special, just check out the pages or mail me. Cause in fact I'm able to organise almost anything that you want.

In the end I want to be honest and I'd like to admit that I'm not only collecting European specimens. As a fluorite collector, I have like 3 or 4 specimens from China because of the extraordinary crystallisation that occurs in some locations there. I also admire specimens from Tsumeb as well as everything that contains the element Pb. Yes, I love wulfenite, campylite, mimetite, cerussite, linarite, plumbogummite and all the other minerals from this family no matter where they come from as well as almost all kind of sulphides and arsenates. So might be that one day I'm also going to put a gallery with those specimens online.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site. Please feel free to mail me for any questions you might have.

Glück Auf,

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