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Binn Valley, August 2004

there's nothing more to say

End of August 2004, I've been visiting the Binn Valley (Binntal) in Switzerland together with a friend. We spent some days in the mountains, searching for minerals. We had good weather, except some freezing nights. So, prospecting was really fun.
First we spend one day on the nothern "Schwarzhorn" glacier, then another day in the "Fleschsee" area. We were also visiting the "Giebelsbach" near Fiesch and the Oxefeld at the very end of the Binn valley. The finds were not outstanding, but I could get some nice specimens of Adularia, green Fluorite with Stellerite, Titanite and some other minerals.

The Binn Valley in the early morning.

View over the "Fleschsee" that is at 2414m.

Vein with Titanite at the Fleschsee. pic by Uwe Pracht

You see the Wannihorn. The "Fleschsee" is situated on the plateau that you see in the middle of the picture.

Searching for Anatase in the Fleschhorn area.

This is the glacier north of the Schwarzhorn, seen from the upper end.

The Schwarzhorn (3108m) with the glacier in the middle (the one in the sun, in the middle of the picture).

Vein with Smoky Quartz at Schwarzhorn glacier.

Another "good" block.

Lost in the Schwarzhorn. pic by Uwe Pracht

Our tent, about 50m down the end moraine of the Schwarzhorn glacier.

The Oxefeld is known for good Anatase, Rutile and brown Turmaline.

Giebelsbach near Fiesch. Green Fluorite octahedrons with Stellerite on Quartz.

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