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Here a list of all online available mineral specimens. More information about the locality you'll find in the specimen description.

Stock sorted by name

Anatase - Griewies/Austria
Aragonite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Aragonite - Leogang/Austria
Azurite - Altenmittlau/Germany
Azurite - Tsumeb/Namibia
Baryte - Hochfilzen/Austria
Baryte (Meisselspat) - Clara Mine/Germany
Baryte on Fluorite - Pöhla Mine/Germany
Bournonite with Pyrite - Mina Baia Sprie/Romania
Bournonite with Sphalerite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Bournonite with Sphalerite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Bournonite with Sphalerite - St.Laurent le Minier/France
Bournonite on Sphalerite - St.Laurent le Minier/France
Calcite - Bad Grund/Harz Mountains/Germany
Cerussite - Ramsbeck/Germany
Cerussite - Tsumeb/Namibia
Chalcostibite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Chalkopyrite with Marcasite - Meggen Mine/Germany
Cuprite - Le Moulinal/France
Fayalite - Ettringer Bellerberg/Germany
Fluorite - Laßgrund/Germany
Fluorite on Calcite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Fluorite and Pyromorphite - Chaillac Mine/France
Fluorite on iron matrix - Heights Mine/United Kingdom
Fluorite with Galena - Blackdene Mine/United Kingdom
Fluorite with Hematite - Clara Mine/Germany
Galena with Baryte - Mina Turt/Romania
Galena with Baryte, Marcasite - Mina Turt/Romania
Galena with Pyrite and Quartz - Mina Herja/Romania
Gold - Rosia Montana/Romania
Hechtsbergite, Namibite and Eulytine - Hechtsberg Quarry/Germany
Hemimorphite - Bleiberg/Austria
Marcasite - Misburg/Germany
Meta-Autunite and Hematite - Bergen/Germany
Olivenite and Cornwallite - Clara Mine/Germany
Pectolite with Calcite - Kreimbach Quarry/Germany
Pyromorphite on Quartz and Baryte - Badenweiler/Germany
Pyrargyrite on Calcite - Nagyag/Romania
Realgare, Chalcostibite, Zinkenite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Realgare, Chalcostibite, Zinkenite - Mina Boldut/Romania
Scheelite - Schlaggenwald/Czech Republic
Semseyite - Mina Herja/Romania
Semseyite with Galena - Mina Herja/Romania
Smithsonite - Lavrion/Greece
Smoky Quartz - Binn Valley/Switzerland
Smoky Quartz with Anhydrite tubes - Binn Valley/Switzerland
Stilbite - Vago/Faeroe Islands
Titanite with Magnetite - Mendig/Germany
Vanadinite - ???/USA
Vauquelinite on Crocoite - Callenberg/Germany
Wulfenite - Mezice/Slovenia
Wulfenite - Mezice/Slovenia
Wulfenite - Michelle Prospect Mine/Mexico
Wulfenite - Whim Creek Mine/Australia

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