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March 31, 2005:

First I want to excuse with all of you that I haven't been updating that regularly lately. Since some months I am working on my thesis, so I didn't have that much time at all. Hopefully, this will change soon, so that you can expect to see more great specimens here.

August 27, 2005:

Finally I got the time for updating my sites. I hope that the second half of this year won't be that busy for me, so that I can focus more on JustMinerals.com.

February 19, 2005:

The last weeks have been kind of busy for me. Thank God, my semester will end in about 2 weeks. Then I'll be able to photograph specimens in order to put them online. I plan the update for the 7th of March. I hope there'll be some of you having a look at the new minerals. Thanks.

January 17, 2005:

Due to my studies, I couldn't find that much time during the last 3 months for focusing on the mineral business. I'm really sorry about that. Anyway, I want to thank everybody that kept looking by this site in search for new minerals. I really hope that I can make some nice finds this year in order to bring some specimens online. All the best for everyone out there, hunting for minerals.

September 12, 2004:

I'll be displaying at the "Stuttgarter Herbstbörse" mineral show in Stuttgart-Fellbach the 23rd and 24th of October 2004. The location will be the Schwabenlandhalle in Fellbach. The show opens Saturday from 10:00-18:00 and Sunday from 11:00-17:00. Anyone that is interested in seeing specific specimens from my website there, should feel free to drop me a line.

August 26, 2004:

I'm back from Switzerland. I hope that I can put some specimens online Sunday.

August 18, 2004:

I won't be able to answer mails until tuesday or wednesday cause I'm doing a short trip to the Binn Valley region. I hope to find some nice specimens. I'll put pictures of the trip here soon.

July 11, 2004:

Sorry, but due to some work, I can't update today, so there'll be a delay of one week.

June 26, 2004:

I wanted to attend Ste.Marie-aux-Mines two days, but as I didn't see many interesting European specimens, I decided to go back after just one day. I know that one day is not much for such a big show. But if you're just searching for the European specimens, you can do that quite fast. I brought some Cuprites from Le Moulinal/France and specimens with Realgare, Chalkostilbite and Zinckenite from Romania, as well as some classics that I'll update soon. June 2004:

Starting with the last week of June, I will try to update more often than in the past year. So, be prepared to see a lot more specimens here at JustMinerals. I'll update some classics as well as German Fluorites from a find last year. Keep on visiting.

I'll also visit the mineral show of Ste.Marie-aux-Mines, where I hope to find some good european specimens at reasonable prices.

As I have some more time this summer than usually, there will be a lot of prospecting. Planned are trips to Switzerland, nothern Italy, the French Alps as well as some mines in the Black Forest that I couldn't make last year.

Beside all that, I'm extremly interested in getting to know collectors from everywhere that could supply me with interesting old european material, new finds from classic localities or just with other new, interesting stuff.
If you'd like to swap with me, I'm always interested in English Fluorites, Wulfenites from Worldwide, Romanian specimens (Semseyite, Nagyagite, Fizelyite,...) as well as European Pyromorphites and Mimetesites (Campylites). I prefer undamaged, small cabinet or cabinet sized specimens.
If you'd like to offer me one of your specimens, please feel free to mail me.

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